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How to Plan for Exit

Whether you're looking at an exit in 12 months or 5 years - or even if it's not in your sights yet - understanding the exit process and how to handle an approach is essential knowledge for every founder.


How Leadership Must Change for a Hybrid Future

As many businesses prepare for some form of permanent hybrid working, founders face a new set of leadership challenges. Hear how other founders are planning ahead, plus those who’ve already made hybrid a success.


The Rise of the Partial Exit: The Pros and Cons

When it comes to exit, the juggling act of deciding when to realise value versus missing out on future growth is challenging for founders. A partial exit is one way around this – as they grow in popularity, find out if it could be the right choice for you.


Scaling Beyond £30 Million

There are over 100 members in the Club who have scaled their businesses between £10 million and £200 million. We recognise that the challenges founders face are different at this stage of growth. This event is a step towards helping you get to the next level.


Fire Up! Your Monthly Boost

Didn’t meet enough new people last year? Time to change that.

Get fired up with this quick-fire networking session for busy founders - in just 45 minutes, access instant support, inspiration and insight.


Park Meetup: Walk and Talk

Join a small group of other founders for a coffee, walk and talk at Regents Park, London.

In Person

Silicon Valley Mindset: Lessons You Can Borrow

How did Silicon Valley giants like Facebook and PayPal generate record-breaking, sustainable growth? Matt Lerner, who spent 10 years as a Growth Marketer at PayPal, puts it down to a transformational mindset that can be adopted by any company willing to put in the work and learn.


How to Transition Away from Founder-led Sales

A founder knows their business inside out and can pitch their beloved product better than anyone. But as a business grows requiring the founder to step back, a sales team is essential – and it’s rarely a simple transition.


Build a World-class Senior Leadership Team

Strong senior leadership teams are game changing for founders, driving growth and allowing them to work on the business rather than in it – but this doesn’t just happen by accident.


Using Deals for Competitive Advantage

A good acquisition strategy can be attractive to future buyers, investors and when executed well, can form the infrastructure for incredible growth. Hear how other founders are using M&A to their competitive advantage.


How to Beat Imposter Syndrome

Founders and CEOs are used to making brave solo decisions, but all too often that niggling sense of being a 'fraud' can be debilitating and rattle confidence. How can you overcome it?


Smashing Barriers to Growth for Female Founders

We’ll hear from a panel of outstanding female founders, including: Sam Smith, Founder of finnCap, Jo Hind and Alison Wilde, Co-Founders of Birdsoup and Julia Elliot Brown, Founder of Enter The Arena.


Events are available to members only

If you’re interested in any of the below events, please book in a call with us.

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