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top tips for winning angel investment

This week The Supper Club hosted one of its regular Investment Days, where we bring a bunch of bright new startups in front of a panel of Supper Club members with money to invest. This was the first investment event we've run post-pandemic and it was reassuring that it delivered the same excitements and thrills as ever, with the added interest of one presentation having to be done virtually due to Covid. The day offered the usual diverse mix of investment opportunities and the pitch sessions produced a lot of lively discussion, and the potential for significant investment wins for some of those pitching.

Stephen Sacks, founder of Funding Nav, chaired the event. Here, he lays out his top tips for businesses looking to pitch to angel investors.

  1. Keep your presentation to ten clear slides

  2. Rehearse your pitch so that you finish within the time allotted

  3. Don't conflate sweat equity with cash invested

  4. Research your audience in advance to see whom you might want to reach out to specifically.

  5. If you have a product that can be experienced, especially if it is in the food & beverage sector, then bring samples or props.

  6. Don't ever claim that your forecasts are conservative, unless you can substantiate why that is. It's not enough to say that the market is big and your projections are relatively small.

  7. Have a credible answer to the question of valuation, especially if you have no traction and no MVP.

  8. Be enthusiastic and upbeat (but not manic).

  9. Make the numbers the last slide and leave that one on the screen when you go into Q&A, because that is where the drilling will start.

Finally, Stephen suggests turning to the wisdom of someone who apparently knows more about angels than most - Robbie Williams. As Robbie sings,

"I sit and wait"

"Does an angel contemplate my fate?"

"That is, give it your best shot, answer the Q&A as honestly as you can, and then see what happens. Don't overthink it or stress out. If you don't succeed then come back stronger next time. Hopefully, you'll be 'Loving angels instead'."