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Seven trends for tomorrow you need to act on today

For futurist Matthew Griffin, founder of 311 Institute, whose business is predictions and forecasting, these are the best and worst of times. Rapid acceleration of change and an escalation of uncertainty mean there is demand for his services, as someone able to review the past and present and paint a detailed and plausible vision of the future. At the same time, the turmoil and upheaval are muddying the waters, creating extra noise and making it harder to read the runes.

But Griffin remains clear-eyed, identifying and tracking hundreds of trends over a 70-year horizon. In this video he picks the key ones founders need to follow today:

  1. The algorithmic society "In a world where AI is predicting your behaviours and choices, are we still in control? Or are we witnessing the end of choice?"

  2. Digitisation "Every single business should be digitising every part of the organisation. It will be a lot easier for a digital business to move quickly into new markets as they arise."

  3. Changing consumer behaviour "As a brand, how are you going to advertise to consumers when more consumers are using voice channels? It represents a fundamental disintermediation between you and your customers."

  4. Adaptive operating models "We live in a world of unprecedented change. The amount of time you have to see what's coming is shrinking. So you need to spot an opportunity, throw a team on to it, then collapse them back down quickly."

  5. The regenerative society "If we stop the damage we are doing to the environment today, we'll still have a damaged world. We need to move to a model where we think about regeneration more than sustainability."

  6. Cybercrime as a service and the zero-trust society "If someone wants to take your business down, they can go onto the dark web and pay someone to do it. It doesn't even cost much. You need to be thinking about encryption, today. And move to a zero-trust model."

  7. The future of the workforce and workplace "Start thinking now about the productivity boosts that come from teams working in the metaverse. Do you give staff laptops or think about giving them VR glasses instead?"