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Google moves away from the FLoC

Earlier this week Google announced the kind of major policy switch that may eventually have an impact on all our digital lives, but which for now appears to be of interest mostly to the nerdier end of the marketing technology community.

For those who don’t know cookies are on their way out, or who haven’t been keeping up with the ins and outs of the move to interest-based advertising (IBA), we thought it might be worth trying a bit of content curation. We are not the experts on this issue, but we did find some great commentary from those who are.

1. TechCrunch did an excellent job of explaining what it all means and looking at some possible implications. An excellent example of taking a tangled, complex subject and unpicking the knot. It manages to be accessible enough for non-technical readers and yet doesn’t patronise those in the know.

2. The FT did what is does so well across a broad range of business, economic, political and technology stories. It helps put the story into something of a wider context.

3. Campaign has got the trade story and the industry perspectives covered.

4. Meanwhile, if you’re really into the detail, you can access the github page with all the gritty details explained and explored in mind-bending detail. Although, it begs the question that if you’re that into this subject, why on earth are you reading this?