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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about the Club

I’m really busy running my own business, how do I find the time?

We get it… as the founder of a business there’s never enough hours in the day/week so I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re a bit concerned about the commitment involved when you join a peer community. But let me share some great news: The Supper Club is designed for busy Founders.

One big misconception about the Club is that you need to attend lots of events to make it work. In fact, many our members may only attend a couple of events a year! As we get to know each and every member, we connect them to the right people at the right time, share tools and insights when we know they need them, and help them to develop their team, who attend our Directors Community and Workshops.

Can I do a trial?

The roundtables are member only events. You can however come along to one of our Speaker Events or Workshops – where you’ll get a chance to meet some of our members and get a feel for the Club.

Where do you host your roundtables?

Typically, beautiful private dining rooms across London and increasingly in growth hub cities around the UK.  We like to delight and surprise our members and keep looking for new venues all the time.

What’s it like at a roundtable?

We carefully select 8-10 members who’d like to attend the roundtable. The host will invite everyone to briefly introduce themselves and their business and ensure they understand what each member hopes to get out of the discussion.  Depending on the topic we may also bring an expert to the discussion to give valuable advice. As well as learning about tools and tactics you may want to implement – we want you to come away feeling inspired.

I’m hesitant about going to a roundtable as I don’t know if I’ll have anything valuable to say?

Don’t be afraid you’re amongst friends.  Sometimes you’ll find that you’ll have a lot of input and other times you’ll just find your learning so much from the other members that you’re busy just taking it all in.

What’s the difference between roundtables, workshops and Speaker Events?

Roundtables are member only events with discussions over breakfast, lunch or dinner with 8-10 members in the room. Roundtables work well for peer learning and inspiration.

Workshops are for our members and their teams and also open to the wider community. They offer for structured, tools based learning, led by an expert in the topic area. Depending on the workshops, numbers vary between 15 - 40 delegates.

Speaker Events are a brilliant opportunity to hear from members directly who share their experiences, often where it has gone wrong, around a specific topic. These are open events and many of our members attend along with other business leaders keen to hear real stories about real issues.

I see you do a number of social events – are they included?

The Club hosts two Big Events each year which is a chance for our members to let their hair down, get to meet a few other members, make connections in a more relaxed environment and generally have fun – this is included.

Members also love doing other social events together and we arrange skiing trips, golf days, cooking classes and more. There is an additional charge for these.

What’s a Special Interest Group?

Our members and events are cross sector, but we sometimes run industry or interest specific events, for example EdTech, Property, US, Ecommerce, selling to government etc

What does the membership manager do?

They’re the “go to” person – highly connected, very knowledgeable about the Club and the challenges members and their teams face.

What happens if I want to cancel my membership

We’ll be sad to see you go!  However, you can give us notice at any time of your membership, all we ask is for one full calendars month notice.