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What is The Supper Club?

Inspiring Founders and CEOs to build better businesses, together.

The Supper Club was founded in 2003 as a members club with a difference. Our events aren’t stuffy, and neither are our members. We’ve curated a group of business founders who together provide inspiration, knowledge and support for each other. We do this through sociable and intimate events, connecting the right people at the right time and producing content that provides insight and guidance into key SME/scale up issues.

The Supper Club is more than a date in your diary, it is a community, a place to make friends, share hard-learned lessons and be inspired by other founders and CEOs. Together our team and members will be at your side throughout your business journey, from scale to sale and beyond.

Our members really understand the ‘Give and Get’ ethos - they support each other by openly sharing their experiences and learnings; helping each other grow and avoid often costly mistakes. Discretion is guaranteed, we’re friends after all, so what’s discussed at The Supper Club stays at the Club. Although overt selling is frowned upon, through the friendships they develop in the Club, our members often uncover business opportunities and partnerships that have transformed their businesses

We're creating experiences that help our members and their team learn, connect and grow together and build better businesses. So, why not get involved?

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