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What’s Included

membership manager

Membership Manager

You will have a dedicated membership manager who will tailor your individual experience around your evolving needs.



We run over 20 events a month on a range of topics related to scale, sale and beyond for you and your teams



We personally connect you with members, trusted partners, and recommendations to help you make more timely and informed decisions.



You will have access to our Insights Hub, featuring content edited from over 2,500 peer learning events with thousands of entrepreneurs.

About The Club

Inspiring Founders and CEOs to build better businesses, together.

What is The Supper Club

The Supper Club was founded in 2003 as a members club with a difference. Our events aren’t stuffy, and neither are our members. We’ve curated a group of business founders who together provide inspiration, knowledge and support for each other. We do this through sociable and intimate events, connecting the right people at the right time and producing content that provides insight and guidance into key SME/scale up issues.

The Supper Club is more than a date in your diary, it is a community, a place to make friends, share hard-learned lessons and be inspired by other founders and CEOs. Together our team and members will be at your side throughout your business journey, from scale to sale and beyond.

Our members really understand the ‘Give and Get’ ethos - they support each other by openly sharing their experiences and learnings; helping each other grow and avoid often costly mistakes. Discretion is guaranteed, we’re friends after all, so what’s discussed at The Supper Club stays at the Club. Although overt selling is frowned upon, through the friendships they develop in the Club, our members often uncover business opportunities and partnerships that have transformed their businesses

We're creating experiences that help our members and their team learn, connect and grow together and build better businesses. So, why not get involved?

More questions? Check out our FAQs here


Who's in the Club

Membership The Supper Club membership community is made up of 500+ successful business founders and CEOs, across every sector, from traditional, generational family businesses through to new technologies and millennial founders. They have scaled, sold and invested in all types of businesses.
Turnover We’ve got members at all stages in their scale up journey and their turnover ranges from £1m to £200m in sales. It’s great for our members to know that they’ll have connections all the way through their growth journey.
Growth Member’s businesses achieve an average growth of 34% year on year compared to the OECDs 20% growth definition of scale up businesses. 



Be inspired, get insights, and much more. Apply today


High Growth

All our members must have a minimum:
  • 20% sustained growth rate
  • AND
  • Annual turnover of £1m+ with 10+ staff
  • OR
  • Raised on valuation of £5m+ with 10+ staff
  • OR
  • For agency style businesses, an annual sales or commission of £3m+ with 20+ staff

Founders and CEOs Only

"No matter the industry our founders and CEO’s have shared experience and knowledge of starting and scaling businesses.

I went to a lot of networking events before launching The Supper Club and eventually realised, they were all the same...loads of people in a room and, personality aside, they all wanted to sell – to get your card and sell you a service. What appealed to me was to cut all of that out and get a group of people in a room whose agenda was not to sell, but to share experiences."

Duncan Cheatle, Founder
The Supper Club

Select Businesses

In order to maintain our high standards at the club we have restrictions on which businesses we accept.

  • No professional services
    We exclude consultants, accountants, lawyers, professional investors, life coaches and sole traders to curate an environment of learning, rather than selling
  • Cross sector
    We maintain a balance across sectors and B2B/B2C. At times, you may be asked to join the waiting list until a space becomes available

How to apply


Apply or nominate

Think you would be a good fit for the Club or know someone that would?


Chemistry call

We organise an initial call with one of our membership team to explore whether the Club could be a fit both ways based on our ethos of 'Give & Get'.


Deep dive

We meet all potential new members, to understand your journey so far and hear your future plans, to help you get the most out of the Club and so we know how you may be able to support other members.


Welcome to the Club

Introduction to your dedicated membership manager, a fellow member and book you onto your first event.

Are you interested in becoming a member?