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Why Running an Entrepreneurial Business is like Managing a Family

Tuesday, 7 June 2016 07:29 AM | LEADERSHIP


Jane's tips on how to avoid the common tensions created within small sized teams

It’s inevitable that in smaller businesses, relationships within the team are close. While that can be a good thing, as a general rule of thumb, the closer the relationships the higher emotions will run. Just like families. And that means some of the politics of running an entrepreneurial business is very similar to that of managing a family.

When teams work closely together, it can sometimes create tensions that generally don’t arise in more traditional corporate environments, where professional 'distance' is often more valued than the passion entrepreneurial businesses seek to cultivate. The nature of the work fosters this culture too: where the impact of an employee’s efforts is more visible and important to the business, employees take more ownership – but also feel more personal pressure as a result.

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