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Small Helping Big & Big Helping Small

Tuesday, 16 May 2017 09:19 AM

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The Supper Club partners with Samsung to inspire small business owners

‘Give and get’ is an essential part of the culture and philosophy of The Supper Club. Members at all stages of the scale up lifecycle help each other with shared experiences, tactical advice, and mentoring. Our partners also share this ethos, supporting our members and the wider enterprise community.

An exciting new partnership with Samsung will give the start-up and small business community access to insight and support from our membership of inspirational founders and CEOs of high growth businesses.

Over coming months, members of The Supper Club will feature in a national campaign focusing on how technology empowers people at work, creates game-changing opportunities, and helps small businesses to punch above their weight.

A programme of partnered events leading up to and including London Tech Week will kick off with a panel debate chaired by The Supper Club at Futurescape on 6th June, which explores 'Today into Tomorrow' with tours of Samsung’s latest tech. Three members who have innovated with technology and talent to achieve more with less will share insights on the role of tech in managing a flexible workforce, enhancing productivity, and cultural transformation.

Paul Armstrong, a leading strategist, author, and speaker on the future of talent & disruptive technology, will set the scene with foresight on the workforce of the future and how businesses can adapt to the new trends. Paul will explore this in more depth at a workshop on the last day of London Tech Week on 16th June, with practical advice on how companies can prepare themselves for disruptive technology.

We’ll be inviting members of The Supper Club to support a joint PR campaign with Samsung as commentators in associated press activity to share tips, insights, and advice on a range of scale-related challenges in digital features, videos, and blogs.

There will also be opportunities for members to become mentors for the day as a prize in a competition for high potential small businesses.

This partnership enables The Supper Club to inspire a more entrepreneurial mindset in all leaders while supporting Samsung’s mission to create more good days for small businesses through technology and the broad impact it has on how we work today.

If you would like to support this campaign or participate in our programme of thought leadership, email a.evans@thesupperclub.com.

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