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Q&A with Jorn Werdelin, founder of Linde Werdelin

Tuesday, 26 July 2016 14:46 PM

Image of Q&A with Jorn Werdelin, founder of Linde Werdelin

Jorn Werdelin, founder of Linde Werdelin tells us what being a part of The Leap 100 means to him

Jorn Werdelin is the co-founder of Linde Werdelin, a company which specialises in creating highly crafted sports watches. Jorn is the visionary and driving force behind Linde Werdelin, and is the third generation in a family of jewellers as well as an avid skier and diver. 

When Jorn and childhood friend Morten Linde began discussing their idea of a mechanical sports watch with attachable digital functionality for skiing and diving, Linde Werdelin was born. Their ambition was to deliver a contemporary concept that took advantage of both mechanical and electronic technology in a way nobody else had done before. In fact, it was Jorn’s own skiing accident in the winter of  1996 - a result of bad weather, skiing off a cliff and breaking his back that inspired some of the safety and guidance features of the instruments. The business was founded in 2002 and is still wholly owned and managed by Jorn and Morten. 

A story built from friendship and a drive for excellence, we caught up with Jorn to find out more about what being in The Leap 100 means to him and his business.

Tell us about your business

We are a boutique sports watch brand with the goal of modernising men’s watches for a professional and active lifestyle. We are the first and only company to produce mechanical watches with added functionality offered through our attachable skiing and diving computers. Our independent style of working has allowed us to be innovative and customer-centric, with a direct focus on the end-consumer. Linde Werdelin is based upon the experiences that come with our products and services.

What does being part of The Leap 100 mean to you?

It’s very rewarding to have Linde Werdelin recognised as a member of The Leap 100. For over a decade, Morten and I have fully invested ourselves in creating something of our own. We’ve faced our fair share of challenges along the way and have been fortunate to succeed in building our brand from the bottom up.

What’s your management style?

I lead the overarching business strategies across Digital, Sales and Marketing, and work with our experienced teams to implement plans and campaigns. The day to day management is left to the London team who must react to the changing landscape of luxury retail.

What does your support team look like?

The London team is split into two departments: Sales takes care of customers, distribution and aftercare, and Communications handles PR, marketing, digital and e-commerce.

How do you unwind/let off steam?

By exercising every morning, reading, to allow my mind to drift away, and travelling.

What do you think makes entrepreneurs different to other people?

Independence and the need to have a vision.

What one ability do you have that you think has helped you scale?


What advice would you give earlier stage businesses looking to emulate your success?

Be passionate. You will face obstacles, it’s inevitable, so be prepared and never give up. Keep learning and be confident in yourself and your work.

What’s the most useful thing you’ve learnt at a Supper Club event?

That no matter what industry you’re in, we are all facing very similar issues.

What are you most proud of?

Being able to progress and innovate in an industry which is both cyclical and mature, and which is dominated by powerful brands.

Connect with Jorn on LinkedIn

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