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How to become a business unicorn: the 10 X mindset

Thursday, 14 March 2019 10:17 AM | Strategy and process

Member Joel Perlman shares how to build high performing teams to scale

Joel Perlman is the co-founder of OakNorth, a UK fintech founded in 2015 to provide growth entrepreneurs with debt finance. Joel scaled his first business (Copal) to 3,000 employees in 12 years before selling it to Moody’s in 2014. OakNorth has scaled to a £2.1bn in 5 years with 300 people.

Joel explained how he has built a high performing team to scale when he joined the speaker panel for The Future of Leadership on 21st March, 2019 part of the AXA Growth Leaders Series.

In this short film, Joel shares some brief insights on what he calls ‘the right ambition’ to achieve ‘moon shot goals’.