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Forum Membership

We often hear from our members as well as the wider entrepreneurial community that it takes a change of pace and scenery to really step back from the day-to-day and see the bigger picture of your business. This is something every Forum member has in common: the desire to work on their business, rather than in it.

Forum members dedicate one afternoon each month to attend a meeting with peers who have a genuine vested interested in each other, as well as the businesses around the table.

Sounboard   Accountability   Develop skills   Build Friendships
Soundboard Ideas   Accountability   Develop Skills   Build Friendships
Forum meetings are the ideal place to ask for input on existing strategies or pitch new ideas for feedback before taking it back to your partner or board   Actions from each meeting are recorded and members hold each other accountable to their actions – helping you keep the business moving forward and so you don’t lose sight of your long term, strategic goals   Sharing challenges and plans will give you the chance to learn vicariously through the rest of the group. You will develop new skills as well as perfecting existing ones   Like our Social Membership, Forum Members are very social and great friendships are often formed! Groups tend to go on away days together and head out for dinner and drinks at least a couple of times a year


  • Each group has an experienced Chair: either a longstanding member of the Club, one of our Directors or a professional NED, each has technical knowledge relevant to the group and they are there to facilitate conversation, as well as provide insight and advice

  • Each group has 6-8 members and all are carefully curated to ensure the perfect blend of business size, challenges and strategic goals, as well as chemistry – we want all groups form strong bonds and friendships

  • The first half of every meeting is used to soundboard ideas and get honest, impartial advice. Conversations in Forum sessions focus on strategic issues as well as tactical challenges that can be solved through recommendations and introductions. Conversations in Forums are very candid and open

  • The second half of each session is flexible, and the time is used to meet the varying needs of the group. It could be around a specific topic where members share experience; you may be visited by a guest speaker; or you may hold a ‘hot seat’ session, where the group dive deeply into one or two of the key challenges or expertise of a different group member