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Forum Membership

What is Forum Membership?

We hear it all the time from members, and from entrepreneurs in general: it takes a change of pace and of scenery to really step back from the day-to-day, so every Forum Member has one key thing in common: the desire to work on your business, rather than in it.

Forum Members dedicate one afternoon each month, as well as an hour or so of ‘reading time’ to attend a meeting that is not dissimilar to an extension of their non-executive boards. Each group has up to 8 members and every group is carefully curated to ensure each has the perfect blend of business size, challenges and chemistry.

Members join Forums for a number of reasons:

  • The giving & receiving tactical advice

  • Holding each other accountable

  • Personal and strategic development

  • The personal element; Forum Groups are made of up friends, many of whom use the sessions like therapy

What to expect from Forum Membership

  • Members dedicate one afternoon each month, as well as an hour or so of ‘reading time’, and we also ask that everyone is ready to commit to the group for at least a year as otherwise the learnings and dynamic can be compromised

  • You will be held accountable to actions you commit to in the sessions – we do this to ensure you keep the business moving and don’t lose sight of your strategic goals and the objectives and targets that we’ll help you set in the first few months

  • Each group has an experienced chair: either one of the Club directors, long-standing member who has been on their own business growth journey, or a professional NED, who can provide technical insights and advice

  • Each session is also joined by a team member, who is there to take notes and record key actions, but also offer additional value by making introductions to members or the wider network who could help you further

  • You will be joining a group of up to 7 others; every group is carefully curated and a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make sure each has a blend of challenges, goals, business size and chemistry

  • The first half of every meeting is used to soundboard ideas and get honest, impartial advice. Ultimately, we want you all to form a bond close enough for you all to talk openly and candidly about to niggling things that are holding you, as an entrepreneur, and your business back from scale and growth

  • The second half of each session is very flexible, and the time is used to meet the needs of the group. It could be around a specific topic where members share experience, or we’ll bring in a guest speaker, another member of the Club with specific expertise, or hold a ‘hot seat’ session, where the group dive deeply into one or two of the key challenges or even expertise of a different group member each month