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Where to go next? Leading teams in uncertainty

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Gareth Tennant, who as Commander of Royal Marines Intelligence, learned by experience amidst the ambiguity and violence of conflict, will walk you through the process of coping with uncertainty and even how to gain competitive advantage from it.

Never has decision making been more important or harder to get right! Whilst constant change is the new normal, we are faced with disorientating amounts of data and constant threats from disruptors that seem to appear from out of the blue.

What will attendees gain, learn and explore?

How to make effective decision under conditions of uncertainty.

  • By focusing on how we make decisions, Gareth will introduce the factors involved in decision making and explore the processes individuals and organisation go through when trying to rationalise complexity. By drawing comparisons between the chaos of combat and the challenges faced by exposure to vast amount of data and information, we introduce hard fought lessons from military intelligence and planning techniques to overcome information paralysis.

Strategy, Tactics and planning:

  • The challenge of closing the gap between strategy and execution is growing. We will focus on how you can create an end to end process that links, often ethereal, strategic visions to clear tangible, and above all, achievable objectives.     

The value of decentralised decision making

  • We will explore the military philosophy of ‘mission command’, the ability delegate and de-centralise operations without losing control. We will focus on practical tools to put ‘mission command’ into practice within your organisation.

By the end of this session we will have move beyond just talking about complexity and started to discuss philosophies, processes and tools that will enable you to create genuine competitive advantage.                              

Who will be delivering the session?

Gareth Tennant is a former operator and head of intelligence for the Royal Marines, who over an extensive career specialised in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance operations. Having learnt and honed his trade in some of the world toughest and most complex environments from combat in Afghanistan to tracking pirates in Somalia, he became a global leader in the art of ‘Information Exploitation’. He now supports business leaders, governments and security services in the art of decision making in complex environments. He ensures they can adapt as the threats change, he has worked extensively in the developing world of cyber security and the use of social media as an intelligence tool. He is used to integrating new paradigms into established institutions.  

Specifically, in the business arena, Gareth coaches CEOs, Managing Directors and senior executives with adapting their leadership and managements styles to achieve greater results from the use of information and data. He has delivered speeches, workshops and lectures at a number of renowned universities, think tanks and conferences. He uses thought-provoking correlations between global security challenges and those faced by business in a highly de-centralised, complex and connected environment. Gareth’s use of visceral examples, from the world of human conflict and espionage, captivate audiences. He has a unique ability to ground often ethereal ideas into a real-world context; his message is both fascinating and inspiring; it has also never been more prescient and provides fundamentally practical and applicable solutions.


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£125 Members (discounted rate)
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Thursday 02 May, 2019 9am

The Office Group 2 Riding House Street, London W1W 7FA