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Wellness at Work to Increase Productivity

Is your working environment a hub of creative activity or a sick office promoting low engagement and high absenteeism?

A healthy working environment is vital to productivity and realising the potential of your talent. Some key improvements to your physical workspace and culture can have an enormous impact on output and staff retention. From providing healthy snacks and feedback opportunities to engaging a coach for yourself and your employees, wellness in your workplace can help you create a culture of growth and innovation.

This breakfast will look to explore, but will not be limited to:
  • How to create a creative and resilient culture where everyone thrives
  • How mindfulness and wellness in the workplace can increase productivity for you and your team
  • How coaching and understanding motivation can improve retention and output
  • Tactics for reducing health insurance costs and absenteeism
  • Tips for managing a better work-life balance
Please note that our venues are subject to change; always refer to email reminders one week before the event and the text message reminder on the day of the event for the correct venue. Our website will also be updated in the event of a venue change.
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Tuesday 05 June, 2018 8.00am

Bourne and Hollingsworth,42 Northampton Rd, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 0HU