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Webinar | Success by Design: How to increase your brain power

Image of Webinar | Success by Design: How to increase your brain power event

Traditional approaches to executive development only focus on competency and behaviour change - but how much more could you achieve by improving the condition of your brain?

About our expert: 

Natalia Ramsden is a business psychologist and Founder of SOFOS Associates, London’s first personal cognitive optimisation clinic.

SOFOS work with individuals to 'change their brain and in doing so enhance their cognitive performance and improve their brain function'.

Natalia will talk us through:

  • The brain - a quick tour
  • The role the brain plays in executive and everyday performance 
  • The changing brain - neuroplasticity, neurogenesis
  • Advances in neuroscience
  • How through modern science we as individuals can influence how our brain performs
  • The latest technology and cutting-edge advances to improve intelligence 
  • Smart Drugs (nootropics), brain training and interventions to optimise your brain
  • Results
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Thursday 13 August, 2020 10:00

Zoom - link will be shared via calendar entry