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Topic Round Table

Using brand to boost valuation

Brand is often lower down the list of priorities when scaling at speed, but it’s increasingly acknowledged by investors as an asset when valuing a business.

Businesses are often sceptical of the value of strategic branding. But household names are testament to the importance of brand when building value into your company. Those who have floated have built global brands to attract more investors. An effective brand isn’t just a logo. It has the power to influence the market price of its goods or services because of the reputation it has developed in the minds of customers—it has potential to have a huge impact on the bottom line.

Honing this brand and being able to communicate it effectively can significantly enhance a business’s valuation, independently of its contribution to sales. It brings a company’s proposition into crisper focus, giving it a core equity or growth story, which not only makes it easier to explain to employees, suppliers and prospects—but also attracts investors and potential acquirers.

This dinner will explore but not be limited to:
  • Tactics for creating a valuable and authentic brand
  • Building a culture which reflects your brand values
  • Differentiating yourself from the market
  • Using your brand to impress investors, customers and talent
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Monday 10 September, 2018 6.30pm

Central London TBC