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Topic Round Table

Understanding EMI share schemes

Monday 30 October 2017

Chiswell Street Dining Rooms, 56 Chiswell Street, London, EC1Y 4SA

Members Only

Join us for an evening on all things EMI share schemes. Gain clarity of the different schemes and hear Ian Morris from EMW share his expertise in this area. Costs, differentiation and what to expect from implementing the desired scheme will be explored throughout the dinner.

You have your growth plan and possibly your exit strategy in place, now you need to ensure that your senior team are bought into your vision and want to drive the business forward.

One common strategy for tying in this level of management in the business is to introduce an EMI share scheme. However, if done incorrectly, this tactic for buy-in may not have the desired effects.

At The Supper Club, EMI schemes are often spoken about. This event will offer clarity on the scheme and what you need to consider before investing the time.

Ian Morris from EMW will be joining this event to share his expertise in this area.

Ian specialises in leveraged buy-outs and advises businesses from early stage through to buy, build and exit.

This dinner will look to explore, but will not be limited to:

  • The costs associated with setting up either scheme, both time and money
  • How the two schemes differ and which would work for your business
  • How do the schemes differ to other share schemes
  • How to ensure these schemes really meet your expectations
  • Recognising if they only work with certain levels in the business
  • What to do with the shares if someone holding them leaves the business
  • The affects the scheme will have on the business during an exit

Please note that our venues are subject to change; always refer to email reminders one week before the event and the text message reminder on the day of the event for the correct venue. Our website will also be updated in the event of a venue change.