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Think like a toddler & build your brand! With Paul Lindley, Ella's Kitchen

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‘The adult world is about minimising risk, about conforming and convention...toddlers excel at free thinking, self-confidence and imagination.’ Join Paul Lindley, Founder of global baby food brand Ella’s Kitchen to learn the power of thinking like a toddler! 

Paul Lindley is an award-winning British entrepreneur and children's welfare campaigner. He founded organic baby and children's food brand Ella's Kitchen in 2006, naming it after his daughter, and later launched organic toddler toiletries brand Paddy's Bathroom, named after his son. Ella’s Kitchen is turning over $121 million globally, so what’s the key to success?  

Paul will talk about his eureka moment and mindset shift when he lent an ear to his young children, and was inspired by their fresh outlook. Paul will share with members the 9 characteristics we can all benefit from by recalling our toddler selves, and how this could be the key to unlocking our creative potential as adults - not to mention the wonders this could do for your brand.

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Wednesday 13 March, 2019 12.00pm

The Thomas Cubitt