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The world's best workplaces, with Bretton Putter


Ever wondered what makes companies like Netflix, LinkedIn and HubSpot so attractive to potential talent? The answer can be found in their impressive culture decks, says culture expert Brett Putter. 

About Brett Putter: 

Brett is Founder of CultureGen, a culture consultancy helping early-stage and high-growth tech companies to prepare for and execute at rapid scale. Brett is also author of Culture Decks Decoded, a fascinating guidebook sharing secrets on what makes some of the world’s biggest companies so attractive to work for – and what you should be doing to make your own culture stand out from the crowd. 

This Roundtable will help members with: 

  • The basics: how to go about crafting a culture deck 
  • Leveraging your culture deck to differentiate from competitors 
  • Attracting and recruiting next-level talent 
  • Using your culture deck to communicate employee expectations 
  • Clear up any grey areas with vivid mission, values and vision statements 
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Monday 17 June, 2019 6.30pm