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The art of negotiation, with master negotiator Paul O'Donnell

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Negotiation is a hackable art form. It’s a skill that can be learned and mastered, but it takes a mindset shift to get there. Join other members and master negotiator Paul O’Donnell to unlock this essential art form.

At this insightful Roundtable, we’ll be joined by Paul O'Donnell, a negotiation trainer and consultant. Paul’s passion for the art of negotiation has been the foundation for his curiosity to understand the technicalities of this complex subject. Paul has a breadth of experience leading high-profile and commercially-sensitive negotiations for leading companies across all sectors. Paul works with Ivo consulting, the Exclusive UK partner of Harvard Program on Negotiation Global.

Join like-minded peers to explore:

  • Figuring out your BATNA - Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement
  • Visualising ZOPA - Zone of Possible Agreement
  • Managing the negotiation process
  • The impact of emotion in negotiations
  • Applying practical negotiating tactics to your everyday and business life to see improved relationships and greater satisfaction

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Wednesday 06 February, 2019 6.30pm