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Topic Round Table

Structuring for scale: getting ahead on your growth plan


Is your business robust enough to manage rapid growth, and could it function and grow without you? 

Whether you’re looking to capitalise on increasing demand, or tap into new routes to growth, having the right structure for scale will give you the foundation to be enable you to adapt and expand. This begins with a consideration of your overall strategy, your role in the business, and the metrics and processes that will focus the energy and resources of your team. It will also help you understand the skills and experience you need, whether you have it in your business, or if you need to train and recruit it in. 

Join us at this roundtable discussion on how to look more strategically at your business and your team to achieve faster growth and manage greater scale. 

This dinner will look to explore, but will not be limited to: 

  • Reviewing your vision for growth and your strategy to achieve it 
  • Developing processes, structures, and measures to drive scale 
  • Understanding how to fund growth, organically or externally 
  • Building a high performing senior team and delegating effectively 
  • Increasing profitability and quality of client business 

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Monday 21 January, 2019 6.30pm