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Standout Leadership

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Eight leadership habits that will give you a powerful competitive edge

Our habits as leaders ultimately define our effectiveness. To achieve more success in the future, how can you hone the habits you have already acquired and explore others that may be holding you back? Find out from Andy where your leadership strengths lie and how you can build on them to maximise your business returns. 

Why should this be of interest? 

‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit’. Wise words from Aristotle that are as true today as they were in ancient Greece. But how does this apply to your own leadership and your business today?  

Drawing on Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ for inspiration, Andy’s pragmatic approach takes the very latest thinking and research into leadership effectiveness and uses this to share a number of simple yet powerful leadership habits that work. You’ll walk away committed to implementing some great new habits that have the potential to transform the way you work with people.

What will you gain, learn, explore, and create? 

  • Gain an understanding into the specific habits that separate the very best leaders from the rest 
  • Explore your own leadership habits using ‘in-the-room’ diagnostic tool, identifying your strengths, motivators and potential areas for transformation
  • Consider which of the powerful practical habits will really enhance your own leadership effectiveness
  • Find out about how to build engagement and discretionary effort in your team, leading to higher productivity, greater customer loyalty and increased staff retention
  • Learn about different leadership styles and how you can ensure you use the right leadership approach, for every person, every situation, every time
  • Learn how to play feedback tennis, why you should have more dolphin conversations and the power of awesome questions

Who will be delivering this session?

Best-selling author, speaker, trainer and coach, Andy started his working life as a teacher and headteacher. His subsequent career has included successful leadership of an organisation with over 8,000 employees, working as a senior civil servant and founding three successful start-up businesses in the online space and property development. 

Fergal Roche, a close colleague and friend of Andy’s, will be providing a case study of his development of, and exit from, The Key, which has been one of the most successful companies in the education sector over the past ten years. Fergal now works with a strategy consultancy and acts as consultant to a number of companies, as well as acting as a coach to CEOs and senior executives. Fergal has been a member of the Supper Club for over ten years.

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Thursday 20 June, 2019 9am

Central London TBC