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Speaking with Passion

Leadership,Personal Development

What will you gain, learn and explore? 

  • Your Intention for the audience 
  • The emotional needs you want the audience to gain throughout your time with them
  • Your own identity and personal brand 
  • How you share your values and beliefs with the audience.
  • The purpose of the speech
  • Your intention for the audience 
  • The structure of your speech
  • How you build the message throughout
  • How you use sensory language to heighten the audiences experience 
  • How you use your Physiology
  • What real life experiences you can use to demonstrate growth 
  • Your personal brand before, during and after delivery 

There are a number of skills we will also explore to reach your desired outcome as a speaker:

  •  Sensory language, how to use the senses to create connection 
  • Anchoring powerful states to link our empowering emotions through our physiology.
  • Time lines to be able to experience our future goals and make them a reality internally.
  • Internal and External referencing, how to help the audience to take more control of their own decisions 
  • To mirror match and lead others to form rapport
  • Beliefs of excellence to condition ourselves to see the best emotional way forward in any given situation 
  • Filters of communication to create more flexible thinking. 
  • How to be associated or dissociated to gain perspective around challenges.
  • How to use clean language to allow others to find their answers

Who will be leading this session?

Over 16 years International speaker and leadership coach, Craig Goldblatt has delivered in excess of 700 keynotes and countless leadership training and development workshops around the world.He believes that the development of our culture in business is key and that when we ensure our personal beliefs and values are strong, we have immense business growth.

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Thursday 06 June, 2019 9am

The Office Group 20 Eastbourne Terrace