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Scaling Up Part 3-People. Attract and retain the best Talent


Image of Scaling Up Part 3-People. Attract and retain the best Talent event

Scale Up companies grow faster, more profitably, and have a greater engagement from the team along the way. Certified Petra and Gazelle Coach, Andy Clayton, will guide you through a hands-on workshop to apply the tools from the hugely popular book by Verne Harnish, "Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It…and Why the Rest Don’t" to your business. The book describes proven tools and systems in four main areas: People, Strategy, Execution, Cash. 

Why should this be of interest

Each of our team members makes many decisions on our behalf, every day, the combined sum of which is very powerful. Core Values describe the behaviours and decisions that we want our people to make, when we’re there, and when we’re not. 

In this module, you will discover the Core Values of your Organisation, or if you already have them, learn how to bring them to life, so that whole team is behaving according one agreed set of principles.

What will you gain, learn, explore, and create?

2020 Q1: Develop Company Core Values, and learn how to use them

  • Core Values
  • Using Core Values to assess talent
  • Coaching

Who will be delivering the session:

Andy Clayton: A powerful sense of focus and clarity helped Andy to found, grow and sell the UK’s largest China Operations outsourcing agency, helping Western companies to operate over $50m of sales in China. He achieved this through the deployment of the tools of Scaling Up, and has since certified as a Petra and Gazelles Coach, helping organisations implement the tools of Scaling Up, aligning teams to unlock growth and potential in their organisations.

If you'd like to book onto all four events in this series (and we suggest you do) you can book the series here. Those that do will receive an additional ticket for a member of their team at each event. 

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£145 Members (discounted rate)
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Thursday 23 April, 2020 9am

Central London TBC