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Running a business with family members

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Credit Suisse recently reported that family-led businesses are thriving – and in fact are generating 34 percent greater cash flow than their non-family run counterparts. There are undoubtedly many positives of working so closely in business and life with family members or a spouse, but scaling a business together comes with unique challenges. 

When working with a sibling, spouse, or even close friend there can be many pros; you probably won’t be lacking great collaboration, or enthusiasm and shared purpose in your leadership. But conflicts of opinion can become personal, and other challenges can emerge – a loss of momentum if you both become too comfortable, or if you unconsciously resist positive change and innovation. Join peers in the Club with similar co-founder dynamics to swap tips on how to deal with the varied challenges and opportunities unique to operating a growing business with someone close to you. 

This roundtable will look to explore, but will not be limited to:

  • Strategies for balancing work, life and your personal and working relationships
  • Tips for dividing responsibility in line with your different strengths
  • Tactics for hiring for innovation and for more diverse perspectives to move your business forward
  • Leadership succession planning – you may be the dream team, but could your business function without your duel leadership?

Supper Club Members only
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Tuesday 11 December, 2018 6.30pm

Vivat Bacchus, 47 Farringdon St, London EC4A 4LL