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Pushing past your growth plateau

Strategy and Process

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The infamous ‘Plateau’ is that point where rapid growth starts to slow and you need a new strategy to maintain momentum. The crucial question is: how can you make it a short period of reorientation and prevent years of stagnation?


This roundtable is for anyone interested in strategies to reboot growth and move to the next level.

Our expert:

Alastair Dryburgh has spent the last 14 years helping companies that have been stuck on a plateau. He writes a weekly column for Forbes weekly one for forbes.com where he’s been described as “the leading authority on resolving stuckness and reigniting growth”.

We’ll explore:

  • Identifying your growth paradox: the elements that once made your business grow but are now slowing growth
  • Five tactics to start growing again
  • How to innovate more successfully
  • How to get the most from your people
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Wednesday 29 January, 2020 4pm