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Topic Round Table

Preparing your business for sale


This roundtable will explore how to prepare commercially, financially and emotionally for the exit process.

We have seen time and time again in the Club that by having an exit plan in place is essential, regardless of how far away you actually feel from selling. Making preparations so that you're confident your business can run successfully without you will give you peace of mind by protecting you and your business from some of the uncertainties of the future. And if you are planning to sell all or part of your company then the best preparation is a well-run business, with a strong senior team and solid financial management.

This roundtable will look to explore, but will not be limited to: 

  • Understanding the motivations for sale and different exit options
  • How to prepare your business for investment or acquisition
  • What's involved in the selling process and how to negotiate the best deal
  • The different advisers involved and how to choose wisely

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Monday 12 November, 2018 6.30pm