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Preparing your business for change during rapid growth

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Tips to lead a business through intense and demanding change.

Whether you’re in the midst of change or soon to scale-up – preparation will cut some of the risks that come with it. This session will teach you how to make change a simpler process. Ensuring it's a positive experience for you and your team. 
Our expert Sally Henderson will be leading the session. 
“Sally is devoted to making a difference to leaders and their businesses. She’s got a mind-blowing range of powers at her disposal and she puts them to use in a way that’s tailored to you. She’s smart, fun and takes no prisoner.” Claire Hynes, CEO, Mr President 
By attending this event you will learn:
  • How to enable senior leaders to enact change
  • A variety of tools to track, evaluate and evolve your progress
  • How to make change a positive, constructive process
  • Finding the right levers for growth
  • How to make change make sense to your team and yourself
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Thursday 03 October, 2019 4pm