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Opportunities beyond Europe



Much has been said about the impact of Brexit on UK business growth, especially for those expanding internationally. Join us at this Roundtable as we look beyond the ‘B-word’ to explore the wealth of opportunities outside the Eurozone.

At this Roundtable, we’ll be joined by members with experience of setting up in a whole range of countries, who’ll share their insight on what to expect, how to do it (and where to avoid!), as well as a guest expert to be confirmed soon!

From the USA to the Middle East, the world’s markets await…

This Roundtable will explore:

  • The simple adjustments you can make so your business is more accessible to international customers
  • Where to go? Choosing the best international markets for your product and business model
  • Running a business overseas – navigating cultural differences to currency exchange and sourcing talent abroad
  • Legal challenges to be aware of and how to prepare

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Tuesday 26 February, 2019 6.30pm