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Don't ruin your new hire: how to onboard and keep talent

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The Supper Club in assocation with Learn Amp presents a deep dive into onboarding, induction and staff retention practices, sharing the very best of what we’ve learnt from our collective years of experience.

This workshop style event distills everything we’ve learnt into a quick-fire session: pick up tips and best practice, learn with your peers, take away actionable ideas you can implement right away. 

According to a global study of workplaces carried out by Gallup, an astonishing 50% of employees don’t know what’s expected of them in their role. Onboarding new employees is notoriously badly managed and only 12% of employees think their companies do it well – leaving almost nine in ten employees who think the process isn’t up to scratch. Added to that, poor staff retention is possibly one of the biggest problem’s businesses face, and the UK has the lowest average job tenure amongst OECD nations, with nearly half of millennials planning to leave their jobs in the next two years.   

Getting good at onboarding, induction and staff retention isn’t just nice to have, it can make a serious impact on your bottom line. With another study finding that the average cost to a business of losing and hiring into a skilled role is 213% of the salary for that role. Can you afford to keep getting it wrong? Thought not. 

During this deep dive you will: 

  • Learn the importance of getting onboarding, induction and staff retention right and some of the hazards of getting it wrong 
  • Gain top tips and best practice covering things to avoid and things to try 
  • Discover real world examples we’ve learnt from our members
  • Share and hear stories from a small group of your peers 
  • Hear about the latest tools and tech that can support great onboarding, induction and staff retention 
  • Agree actionable ideas that you can take away to improve your business 


Please note - this event is £145 + VAT for Supper Club members only.

Supper Club Members only
Booking is now closed for this event

Wednesday 20 November, 2019 9am

White Collar Factory, 1 Old Street Yard, London EC1Y 8AF