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Special Interest Group

Next Generation Leadership, with Ben Towers


Born between the early 1980s and mid-1990s? Great! You’re a ‘millennial’, or part of ‘Generation Y’ and this Special Interest Group is designed just for you. 

We’ll be sitting down over dinner with our millennial members to share experiences of leading and growing our businesses, current challenges, and how we’re managing them.

This time, we’ll be joined by guest Ben Towers. Ben is well-known for having started in business aged 11 building websites in his bedroom and has since successfully exited the marketing agency he developed from there. Ben now actively invests in disruptive start-ups and is working on campaigns to engage national brands with the next generation.

What are Special Interest Groups? 

Unlike our classic, cross-sector Roundtables, Special Interest Groups have been designed to bring you together with members in the same space, with potentially similar clients, to discuss challenges or innovations that are really relevant. The idea is that you can share needs and leads, and learn from each other, with an already strong understanding of the landscape. 

Special Interest Group events are on the house – they do not affect your Fair Usage* allocation.

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Monday 28 January, 2019 6.30pm