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Negotiation: How to sell to procurement professionals



If you have ever been involved in a sales cycle and your primary contact has said “you’ll need to meet Procurement”, your shoulders have probably dropped and your heart sunk. However, rather than shying away from Procurement, I recommend you embrace them early in the sales cycle, but only when you fully understand how they operate and how to negotiate with them.

What will you learn, gain, explore and create?

·        What the typical profile, role and value-add of Procurement is

·        What a “Category Plan” is and why are they important to you

·        How to negotiate with Procurement people alongside general negotiation tools and techniques

Who will deliver this session?

Mike Lander started his life as an Engineer and Project Manager and was a “corporate citizen” until 36. He acquired his first company in 2006 and raised £3m of unsecured debt from BoS with no PGs and paid it all back within 3 years; he built the company to £20m revenue, 120 consultants, £4m EBITDA. Mike became a trained negotiator from one of the leading business/law schools in the world, HBS. He borrowed another £3m in 2009 to build a new business and sc***ed it up really badly; ran a turnaround programme and ultimately delivered >£1m EBITDA and sold that business for a 7 figure sum in 2013. Mike built a Procurement Consultancy business in 2013 and sold that in 2015 to a mid-market Procurement Consultancy; became a Managing Partner in the buyer’s consulting company. He now has a portfolio career: Chairman BlueGlass, co-founder Ensoul, business writer, Board Advisor.

Please arrive at 8:30am for registration

8:30am – Arrival

9:00am –Begin working through the areas listed above

12:30pm – Presentation ends for Q&A with the guest

1:00pm – Workshop comes to a close


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Thursday 21 March, 2019 9am

Central London TBC