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Meet your match: finding your integrator, with Ally Maughan



Whether you run your business in partnership or on your own, you might only be able to get so far without an important counterpart to your skillset: an integrator. 

So many entrepreneurs are visionaries at heart. Their fresh ideas are what brought them here in the first place! Whilst having creativity and imagination are fantastic strengths that drive a business forward, it can be helpful to have someone take your ideas and make them a reality, so you can spend more time thinking – and ultimately, work on and not in your business.  

Ally will talk members through: 

  • The role and characteristics of an integrator and visionary 
  • Identifying which one you are 
  • Running your business without the counterpart – how far can you get?  
  • Working together and maximising the working relationship: giving & receiving feedback, effective communication, questioning and holding healthy debates 
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Monday 10 June, 2019 12pm