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Making the Most of the Media

This workshop provides insights into what makes a media story, how journalists work and how traditional and social media interact. It goes on to offer practical examples of how SMEs and start-ups can use the media effectively to raise their profile in a positive way so that they can develop new markets, attract talent and appeal to suppliers and partners.

Why should this be of interest? 

The media, both traditional and social, are always interested in stories about interesting new products and services and the entrepreneurs behind them. But exactly are they looking for?  Why will journalists cover one company and not another and why will one particular issue trend on social media while another, which might be equally important, will gain no traction?  This workshop provides some answers and key insights.

Similarly, a media interview provides a great opportunity to promote your company – but only if it’s handled well. Get it wrong and at best you’ve bored the journalist and missed out while, at worst, you could end up saying something that could seriously damage your brand and set back your plans for growth.  This workshop provides essential advice on how to make the most of any media opportunity with a series of practical tips.

What will you gain, learn, explore, and create? 

  • Insights into what makes a media story and how you can use this to promote your company in the media
  • Advice on reaching out to the media and developing positive coverage
  • Advice on handling incoming media requests
  • Practical tips on doing media interviews in order to gain more control and create positive coverage
  • Guidance on whether to invest in a PR company – things to look out for to ensure that you get value for money

Who will be delivering this session?

Simon Brooke: As a journalist Simon Brooke has covered business, management and finance stories for a wide variety of outlets. He works as a copywriter and speechwriter for a number of FTSE250 companies and has 25 years’ experience in media training, communications consultancy and presentation coaching.

Please arrive at 8:30am for registration

8:30am – Arrival

9:00am –Begin working through the areas listed above

12:30pm – Presentation ends for Q&A with the guest

1:00pm – Workshop comes to a close


Non-members: £150 +VAT

Supper Club Members only: £95 +VAT (Discounted rate)

£180 Non-members
£95 Members (discounted rate)
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Thursday 27 September, 2018 9am

The Office Group, 2 Stephen St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1AN