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Life Adventures | One Track Mind: How I ran a 24-hour ultra-marathon

Personal Development

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Image of Life Adventures | One Track Mind: How I ran a 24-hour ultra-marathon event

Imagine running 155 miles in 24 hours straight… around just one track. 623 times, around and around. That’s nearly 6 marathons back-to-back.  

Joining us to share his incredible experience of the formidable 24-Hour Race is a man who trained to extremes to complete it, and is now part of Great Britain’s ultra-running team. 

Meet Mike Stocks, Founder of Qorteq, and a member of The Supper Club. Mike will talk to members about how and why he got into running, how he manages his rigorous training alongside running a business, as well as: 

  • Explaining what really happens at a 24-hour race 
  • The mindset required to run around the same track 623 times 
  • Stamina: psychological, physical and emotional 
  • The power of visualisation, focus and staying in the present 
  • Taking inspiration from others around us 

And finally: that all-important question so many of us ask ourselves during the challenges we undertake: why?

Join Mike to hear his powerful story over drinks in the beautiful surroundings at Devonshire Club, a 'home from home in the heart of London'. See you there! 

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Supper Club Members only
Booking is now closed for this event

Thursday 13 June, 2019 6pm

The Devonshire Club, 5 Devonshire Square, London EC2M 4YD