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Leveraging Your Personal Impact to be a Top Communicator

Growth,Leadership,Sales and Marketing


This session is designed to give you a detailed awareness of the importance of your personal “impact” as it is a key deciding factor in the decision-making processes of those you wish to influence. When attempting to convince, influence and motivate others, you are always having an impact. The important question is whether you having the impact needed to achieve your goals, or not? This session will combine key impact theory, as well as the opportunity to put techniques into practice.

Why this should be of interest?

In an ever more challenging business landscape, any competitive advantage needs to be fully utilised. One of the core elements that enables customers, business partners and investors to work with your business is the “impact” your people have when communicating i.e. “In order to buy from you, they need to buy into you”. When offering comparable offerings to your competition, it is often the people, that create a competitive advantage. Arming yourself with the skills of today’s top communicators, maximises your chances of success in highly competitive scenarios.

What you will gain, learn, explore and create?

·      Understanding the role of your impact in your customer’s decision making

·      Becoming more aware of your own, personal impact

·      Knowing behaviours you can employ to create the impact you want

·      Trying out some key impact techniques

·      Learning from examples of the impact techniques of some of the world's top communicators

·      Receiving feedback on your current level of impact & how to improve it.


Who will be delivering the session;

Martin Brooks has a 30-year background in sales, sales management and training and development. For the last 17 years he has run his own communication coaching consultancy. His core focus is the area of a person’s personal impact, as it is a key deciding factor when influencing others.

Martin has advised business owners, C Suite executives and start up’s alike internationally, enabling them all to create the optimum results from their communication when pitching and presenting. His analysis skills have been utilised in the media, having appeared on BBC radio and television analysing the behaviours of politicians during election leadership debates. He has also appeared as a “subject expert” on the Discovery Channel providing live analysis of Mark Zuckerberg’s recent Senate appearance.           

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Thursday 14 February, 2019 9am

Central London TBC