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Topic Round Table

Leverage your company culture for growth, with Bret Putter


Happier workers are more productive workers – so how do you leverage your company’s culture to its greatest potential, and see growth soar? 

An innovative culture is the heart of your organisation. It keeps your business fresh and relevant for your customers, it identifies niche markets for you to move into and to dominate, and it also helps you to attract and retain great talent.

Joining us to share insight and experience at this event is Brett Putter. Brett is the founder of CultureGene, a hybrid executive search and company culture consultancy, and across 16 years has interviewed more than 5,000 senior executives to understand how they define, develop and implement their company culture.

This roundtable will look to explore, but will not be limited to:

• How to leverage your company’s culture to differentiate your business 

• Communicating culture to make it clear and sustainable

• Tools and techniques for building and assessing the impact and success of your culture

• How you, as founder, can have a direct impact on the productivity of your team: culture trickles down from the top!

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Monday 10 September, 2018 6.30pm