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How to tell stories effectively in business

Growth,Sales and Marketing,Technology


This session is designed to give you a competitive advantage when seeking to; inspire a team, convince a customer, or motivate an investor. Whilst data and technical information is important when interacting with others, a well told story can make the difference between fully convincing someone to buy a product, use your company, or invest in your business. This session will combine key storytelling theory, as well as the opportunity to put storytelling techniques into practice.

Why this should be of interest?

In an ever more challenging business landscape, any competitive advantage needs to be fully utilised. Storytelling opens the emotional, decision-making part of the brain in a way that raw data, statistics and product benefits cannot. The ability to be able to tell a relevant story to compliment your aims, maximises your chances of success and gives you a tool few people fully utilise in business. As Steve Jobs said; “The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller”. This workshop will enable you to tell stories effectively.

What you will gain, learn, explore and create?

·      Understanding the importance of storytelling as a communication tool

·      Realising that stories enable people to “buy into” solutions in a way that data cannot

·      Knowing the structure of a successful story 

·      Appreciating the skills needed to tell a great story

·      Trying out some storytelling techniques 

·      Receiving feedback on your storytelling skills & how to improve them.

  Who will be delivering the session;

Martin Brooks has a 30-year background in sales, sales management and training and development. For the last 17 years he has run his own communication, coaching consultancy. His core focus is the area of a person’s personal impact and the communication tools that create that “impact”. Martin has advised business owners, C Suite executives and start up’s alike internationally, enabling them to create optimum results by adding storytelling to their influencing “toolkit”. As a communication expert, Martin’s knowledge has been utilised in the media. He has appeared on BBC radio and television analysing the behaviours of politicians during election leadership debates. He has also appeared as a “subject expert” on the Discovery Channel, providing live analysis of Mark Zuckerberg’s 2018 Senate appearance.     

Please arrive at 8:30am for registration

8:30am – Arrival

9:00am –Begin working through the areas listed above

12:30pm – Presentation ends for Q&A with the guest

1:00pm – Workshop comes to a close


Non-members: £195 +VAT

Supper Club Members only: £125 +VAT (Discounted rate)

To get the most out of our sessions why not purchase a bundle of tickets to use at any time over the next 12 months, these can be used by you or your team members:

·      10 tickets - £1000 + VAT

·      25 tickets – £2,345 + VAT 

·      50 tickets - £3,750 + VAT

If you are interested in purchasing your bundle or would like more information get in touch at: getintouch@thesupperclub.com


£195 Non-members
£125 Members (discounted rate)
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Thursday 02 May, 2019 9am

The Office Group 2 Riding House Street W1W 7FA