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How to spend your investment capital wisely



‘How will you use my money?’ A question asked by every investor – so how do you respond? The wrong answer, you lose the funding; the right answer, you need to be sure to see it through. Join this Roundtable to put a spending strategy in place and make the most of every penny. 

After all the hard work of a funding round, here comes the next challenge: what do you spend it on to see maximum ROI? The Supper Club’s Way to Grow report found that funding can hugely accelerate scale when used sensibly, and that there is a great deal of money out there. However, every company has different needs and costs. Prioritising the areas that will help you grow is imperative (such as talent and marketing initiatives) but misspending (on fancy office furniture or miscalculated marketing campaigns) could be your downfall.

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Tuesday 23 April, 2019 6.30pm