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How to boost your personal brand

Personal Development

personal branding

A strong personal brand can be pivotal in winning business from your competition; but how can do you balance your personal and business persona and what are the risks to reputation for both?

Personal branding is about more than self-presentation; it’s self-packaging. It combines your persona as a founder with your mission and values and what differentiates your business. As consumers increasingly turn to brands they trust, the personal authenticity of the founder is a key element. It can also help you win talent from small and large competitors.

This dinner will present insights on how to identify your USP and unique talents, how to present them, and how to optimise your personal brand in business and life.

This dinner will look to explore, but will not be limited to:

  • Building your brand around your values and vision
  • Generating exposure through the right channels
  • Cultivating your personal brand for commercial benefit
  • Creating a persona to recruit and retain talent
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Wednesday 19 February, 2020 4pm