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Grow up, don't slow up! Finding the right pace for scale, with Sophie Devonshire



How can you accelerate your business growth without crushing it? Pace is not often talked about, but it's possibly the most important factor in your business' scale-up success.

If your business is growing FAST then this is a Roundtable you can't miss. Fast growth means a lot of sudden change, and many businesses have a tough time keeping up. Joining us to share her tried and tested advice on finding pace as you grow is expert guest Sophie Devonshire.

About Sophie:

Sophie Devonshire, CEO of The Caffeine Partnership, is the author of Superfast: Lead With Speed, a leadership business book on how pace can drive performance. It includes interviews with 100 successful business leaders to inspire those working out how to lead fast-growth organisations. She will join members of The Supper Club for a lively and insightful discussion on how leaders can adapt to new challenges and opportunities to drive organisational progress and personal success.

At this Roundtable, we'll explore:

  • How do you as a leader need to change as the company does?
  • How do you get the pace right?
  • What will happen to the culture of a growing organisation, and what changes will need to be made?
  • How can leaders ensure they're responsible as well as responsive? 
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Wednesday 20 March, 2019 6.30pm