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From 1 to 100: maintaining culture in a large team

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Think back to your start-up days. Remember the inspiring culture and values that drove every aspect of your business? 

Now you’ve grown into a larger team, has the essence of your culture remained intact even as you make necessary updates? Or are you hearing from your older employees that ‘it’s just not like it used to be?’ Many entrepreneurs find that the larger the team, the more diluted their culture becomes. Many of the lovely touches you had at the start become impractical as you expand and seeing your cultural identity drifting can leave you, the captain of the ship, at a loss. 

But this Roundtable is here to help. It may be that you need to adjust your cultural values to fit the company you are today, or that it needs a complete overhaul. Otherwise, just a few practical tips and refreshing advice may be all you need to see your team’s best-ever engagement levels and productivity.

Whatever your dilemma, we’ve got it covered. Join like-minded peers to explore:

  • Tools for measuring engagement – the starting point!
  • How to bottle your culture and adapt it for scale
  • Crafting a culture strategy
  • Re-discovering your ‘who’ and ‘why’ - revisiting what made you successful in the first place and
  • Communicating more effectively and the skills and systems you need to do this

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Tuesday 05 March, 2019 6.30pm

Smith and Wollensky, Covent Garden Riverside, 1-11 John Adam St, London WC2N 6HT