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Speaker Event

Growth Leader Summit: The Future of Leadership



Leaders face unprecedented challenges that require a new growth mindset. Learn from Growth Leaders who have applied new thinking to maximise talent, technology and their own energy to scale successfully.

More than ever, leaders need a growth mindset to navigate today’s talent landscape and the rapid pace of change. Tomorrow’s leaders must be more entrepreneurial and ambitious, looking to new horizons while seeking new routes to success.

Since it was founded 15 years ago, The Supper Club has seen first hand how being open to different perspectives and passionate about life-long learning will lead to breakthroughs - in life and business. It's also clear that a happy and healthy team is more productive and creative. More health-conscious people make better decisions, whether they’re leading a business or contributing to its growth.

The Supper Club will explore the growth mindset through different lenses to show how peer learning, health and wellbeing help leaders make better decisions.

We are bringing this campaign to life with insight from world-renowned thinkers and exemplary members of The Supper Club who have applied growth leadership to overcome personal and professional barriers.

Join us to for a fascinating and interactive panel discussion on how to adopt a Growth Leader mindset, which will explore how it can:

  • attract talent, build high performing teams, and develop future leaders
  • boost brand and personal profile around purpose
  • optimise networks to learn, connect and win business
  • improve health and wellbeing to drive productivity
  • create a culture of growth and innovation

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Thursday 21 March, 2019 8.30am

Courthouse Hotel, 335-337 Old Street, London EC1V 9LL