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Finance Fundamentals with The Numbers Coach

Finance for Founders

Image of Finance Fundamentals with The Numbers Coach event

Don't know your P&L from your balance sheet? Hired an FD and not sure what to ask them? Need to talk to the bank or investors? Feel like your numbers are telling you something but can't figure out what? You're not alone!

Most business founders are people with great ideas, vision and charisma - what they often don't have is a grounding in business finance - they'll leave that to the accountants. But understanding your business numbers is crucial to good decision making, setting KPI's, raising investment and so much more.

Join us as we team up with Johnny Martin, aka The Numbers Coach, for a lesson in finance fundamentals.

This session is broken into three parts:

1. Getting to grips with the basics:

  • P&L
  • Accruals accounting
  • How VAT works
  • Cashflow and working capital
  • The balance sheet, trial balance and control accounts

2. Managing your numbers:

  • Statutory v management accounting
  • The board pack and why investors love it
  • Ratios & KPIs

3. Finding your dream finance team

  • FD - types of qualifications, experience and cost
  • Types of accounting staff - the structure of the team
  • How to keep everyone motivated
  • Use of checklists and how to keep on top of them

About The Numbers Coach

Johnny Martin is passionate about business numbers, cutting through jargon and delivering his no-nonsense practical wisdom wherever he goes. He's also a very experienced Finance director who has turned around and sold three venture capital-backed businesses.

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Thursday 04 June, 2020 9:00am

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