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Exit Community Lunch: the pros and cons of equity investing

Special Interest Group


For our members who have recently exited a business, and those who are simply ready to focus their attention elsewhere, becoming an equity investor can be a fresh focus and a way to put hard-earned business knowledge to further use.

As our members know well, no business venture is easy, and the same applies to equity investing. It’s more than buying stocks and shares, and requires a well-written plan to make your money, and efforts, worthwhile. Even then – no matter how much preparation you do – risk is always a factor. But when done right, equity investing can be a highly lucrative and exciting occupation.

Join us at this Roundtable to hear from members who now invest full-time to hear how to get started, or otherwise maximise any investments you’ve already made.

This Roundtable will explore:

  • Managing risk and the benefits of developing a portfolio
  • Defining your investment criteria
  • Advice for having realistic expectations and adapting to a new role
  • How to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge
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Monday 18 February, 2019 12.00pm