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Topic Round Table

Encouraging diversity in the workplace


Diversity can revolutionise the functioning and performance of a business, leading to innovation, greater productivity and an inclusive company culture to be proud of.

It all starts with acknowledging difference, accepting it and then wielding diversity as an asset. However, we're all subject to implicit bias, and this can affect the way teams connect and engage with each other and ultimately the work they’re collectively producing.

The more complete a company's spectrum of personalities, skills, backgrounds and beliefs, the more creativity and innovation you'll see as a result. This roundtable will address the benefits of an inclusive culture and some tactics for getting there.

This roundtable will look to explore, but will not be limited to:

  • Relationship and people-skills coaching to improve customer service and internal rapport 
  • Explore what diversity means to your culture
  • Training programme suggestions for everyone in your company to recognise and value all diversity 
  • How to hire for diversity – what do you need to change in order to make this happen?
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Wednesday 28 November, 2018 6.30pm