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Do I need an app?



There’s probably an app for that. But does there really need to be? To find out the best course of action for your business, join member and app-developer extraordinaire Paul Swaddle for breakfast. 

Notoriously expensive to create and difficult to get right, developing an app can be a challenge, but if cleverly-designed and user-friendly, an app can see a company’s sales and lead engagement sky-rocket. But for some businesses, app-building could be an unnecessary cost where a website could handle your needs and leads just fine.  

We’ll be joined by Paul Swaddle (Founder of PocketApp) who’ll talk us through the various options. 

Join like-minded peers to explore: 

  • Which platform is the best fit for your customers? 
  • Techy talk: understanding the complexities of each possibility, and a breakdown of the different types of app 
  • Money, money, money. Which option will deliver the best ROI for you? 
  • Accomplishing your core business objectives, and whether an app will get you there 
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Monday 25 March, 2019 8am

Searcy's, Grand Terrace, St Pancras International Station, Kings Cross, London N1C 4QL