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Topic Round Table

Dinner for food and beverage businesses


Join us for the next event in a series of dinners designed for members in the retail and consumer space, this time specifically for members within the food and drink industry.

If you’re used to seeing the same faces in the same office, everyday, getting used to a remote worker model may be a challenge. You might be worried about employees becoming isolated, and the loss of your company culture and beloved workspace. But managing your remote workforce in the right way can actually lead to a significant improvement in your business. You’ll have a greater choice of new hires, with more diversity, and consequently more innovation. And for a business looking to grow, saying yes to talent regardless of location will only help you achieve your growth ambitions.

This roundtable will look to explore, but will not be limited to:

  • Tech tools for virtual collaboration
  • Advice for maintaining a strong, cohesive culture
  • What to do about premises – from hub offices to shared workspaces and lounge membership
  • Tips to manage your workforce for maximum productivity and engagement 
  • The changing legal requirements that you need to know about when working with freelancers 

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Wednesday 05 December, 2018 6.30pm