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Creating meaningful customer experiences

Sales and Marketing

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How do you translate your customer journey across channels? You need to make sure you're creating brilliant experiences no matter the touchpoint. 

Thanks to new technology we're able to touch base with our customers more than ever. However, this is a double edged sword and customer experience management (CMX) is trickier than ever.

How do you make sure your customer gets the same excellent experience whether they're on your Instagram, calling your helpline or visiting your website / store?

Hear from fellow members as they share their success stories and ask questions within the group to gain proven, actionable answers.

About our expert:

Supper Club Member Suzanna Chaplin is the founder of ESBConnect, connecting brands with people by helping them really understand what makes them tick.

Suzanna's business combines the usefulness of cookie and mobile data, with the power and stability of an email address, building a multi dimensional picture of an individual across every channel and device, using their email address as their unique digital fingerprint. 

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