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Mastering conflict resolution as a leader

business founder learning

Managing conflict is a crucial skill for business leaders and founders. At this roundtable you’ll learn from a psychologist how to mediate and manage conflict.   

Conflict resolution can become a daily task for business founders. When a conflict is ignored, it can foster a toxic environment. When dealt with badly, it can mean higher attrition, workplace stress and even a hostile culture.  

Whether you have a large team or an intimate group, managing conflict is a tricky task and must be done properly. As a business leader it’s important to know how to mediate and spot any tensions before they lead to chaos.  

Leading the session is Dr Mike Drayton. With over 30 years of experience, Mike is a clinical psychologist with expertise in mediation, mindful leadership and business consulting.  

In this session you will learn: 

  • Conflict resolution strategies 
  • Tips to build a resilient team 
  • Stronger emotional intelligence 
  • A framework to manage any workplace or personal conflict sensitively and confidently  
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Wednesday 09 October, 2019 6.30pm