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Topic Round Table

Communicating brand personality


Confused campaigns, erratic messages, over-complicated adverts: crafting a clear brand personality takes care, thought and inspiration. At this roundtable, we'll explore how to get it right.

Quality, consistency, transparency, emotion and honesty are all traits we recognise in the most successful brands of our time. Many of those which have been running and growing for decades have a simple message which has barely changed in all that time - and simplicity is clearly effective, but so is the fact that all these campaigns have been carefully strategised, tried and tested, pondered and proved before going public as the polished product we all recognise.

If your brand personality isn't gaining the desired traction, or is feeling a little two-dimensional, this roundtable is for you. Vivid strategy, choosing the right channels, hitting the right tone and you'll get there -- and your peers are here to help. 

This roundtable will look to explore, but will not be limited to:

  • Where to look for help boosting your brand - from agencies and advisers to talented in-house professionals
  • Tactics for making your brand seen and heard over competitors -- shout about that USP!
  • Tips for targeting your key audience and identifying where they'll notice you most
  • Aligning your brand with the mission, values and vision your company lives and breathes

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Wednesday 21 November, 2018 6.30pm